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  • Facebook... Is organic read dead?

    Facebook are constantly changing the way they prioritise posts on Facebook, especially for business pages. It’s now harder than ever to get a good reach and following organically.

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  • The person behind the social network...

    So, we all use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram probably on a daily basis but do you know how they all started? We’d like to give you some cool facts about the history behind these popular social networks.



    • Was founded on 4th February 2004
    • Founders are: Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes
    • Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook
    • 44 billion monthly active users (as of May 2015)
    • 936 million daily active users

    According to the New Yorker, Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind which means that the one colour he sees best is blue. This is apparently the reason behind the Facebook logo being blue as he told the New Yorker that ‘"Blue is the richest colour for me. I can see all of blue".

    Design365 Facebook




    • Was founded on 21st March 2006
    • Founders are: Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone
    • Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter
    • Over 270 million monthly active users
    • The average Twitter user follows five or more businesses
    • In 2004, the word ‘Hashtag’ was added to the Oxford Dictionary

    It is said that the little bird logo for Twitter is called Larry. It’s apparently named after former NBA player, Larry Bird, who played for Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's home-state team, the Boston Celtics.

    Design365 Twitter




    • Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger
    • Launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app
    • 300 million monthly active users
    • Instagram has grown over 50% in a year and is now bigger than Twitter
    • Brand engagement rates are at their highest at 4.21% on Instagram
    • Adding a location to your upload results in 79% higher engagement

    After going for 2 years, Instagram was bought in 2012 by Facebook for $1 billion. When it was bought by Facebook, Instagram only had 13 employees.

    Design365 Instagram


  • Facebook to remove inactive accounts from page like count

    Have you seen a small dip in the number of page likes on your Facebook business page? Please don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong, it is simply due to Facebook removing inactive accounts so that your page like count is more accurate and meaningful.

    There are two types of inactive accounts that will be removed from your page like count, these are voluntarily deactivated accounts and memorialized accounts.

    It might feel a big disheartening to see that your page like count has reduced with Facebook having the clear out but they’ve done it with good reason. The main benefit from this is to keep your business page consistent and true. By removing inactive Facebook accounts from your page audience date, it gives you more accurate figures when looking at the page insights. You’ll be able to see a lot easier who actively follows your page and find your followers through tools like lookalike audiences.

    So please don’t be alarmed if at first glance it looks like your business page has lost the interest of followers and more people are clicking the ‘dislike’ button. Remind yourself of this update and remember that meaningful data is more important!

  • Boost SEO With Social Signals!

    Bruce says… Recently at 365 Towers, we have noticed a rise in demand for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. As well as all the clever tricks that our in-house team apply to your website, we have observed that one of the biggest weightings on SEO is in fact the powerful tool of Social Media. Social Media boosts SEO in two different ways:

    • Social Signals
    • Backlinking

    So, if your website’s linked social media channels regularly do both of these SEO-boosting techniques, Google will reward you with a higher search engine rank. Backlinks are pretty self-explanatory – they are links that directly link back to your website from other websites. For example, if you write a tweet promoting one of the services or products and pop in a link to the relevant webpage, anyone who clicks on this link will be backlinked through to your website. This is effective because Google boosts your website’s creditability if it regularly sees a major website linking directly back to it. Social Signals, however, are a bit less talked about. In basic terms, if you want search engines to like your website, you need your social media channels (a.k.a your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile) to give off good social signals. These are essentially the interaction and engagement that you provoke through your various social media networks. For example, on Facebook, if someone likes or shares your post, this is giving off excellent social signals from your page. It demonstrates that users are not only viewing your content but also sharing it with their network and essentially bookmarking it for future reference. In terms of Twitter, social signals can be given off from mentions, retweets and links within these distributed tweets. If your tweets are popular with a large number of high profile users, this bodes extremely well for your profile and the website it is linked to. Various other social media channels can give off various SEO-boosting Social Signals including LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Flickr. However, this is not something you can cheat your way through! Google will analyse the quality of any Social Signals and the channel they’ve derived from and if it appears you’ve simply bought your likes or spammed your way to a good following, they will as a result penalise your search engine ranking. So – what are you waiting for?! Get interacting, liking and sharing and before you know it you’ll be giving off excellent social signals that can effectively boost your search engine rank. If time is in short supply for you and your business, Design365 can offer Social Media Management to increase your social signals, backlinks and general engagement. If this is something you’d be interested in, please either call us on 01325 311 909 or email us at sales@design365.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you :)

  • 5 Reasons Why Web Marketing Differs From Traditional Marketing

    Bruce says…

    Having a well-built website that promotes your company professionally and effectively is one thing. Having a website that is properly marketed through well implemented digital strategies is another.

    It is essential that you market your website, brand and business in order to get people talking about you and noticing what it is you’re doing and why it is different.

    As web specialists, we very much believe in the power of web marketing as opposed to traditional marketing methods. I have whipped together 5 reasons why I think this is the case:


    1. Time

    In this day and age, we all want everything to have been done yesterday to constantly keep ahead of the times. Web marketing allows you to get your company’s message across to thousands in a matter of seconds. Take Twitter, for example. It takes no time at all to post a tweet that can then be viewed by a huge audience, thanks to the powers of hash-tagging and retweeting alike. This makes social media campaigns, quite frankly, a time saving no-brainer when compared to a traditional marketing campaign.


    1. Market Size

    Distributing marketing materials physically is limited by cost. You can only print out so many flyers and post them through so many doors, therefore limiting your potential market size. On the other hand, posting a blog on your website can be seen by absolutely anyone if the correct digital marketing strategies are applied.


    1. Search Engines

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows any online marketing material to be optimised in several relevant key search terms, something that traditional marketing simply cannot do. Once optimised, blogs, content, newsletters and brochures can appear in Google feeds through various relevant keyword link ups – now, can you do that with a your printed newspaper advert?


    1. Competition

    Web marketing also has the competitive advantage over traditional marketing as it allows you to publish a blog, for example, immediately with no time or geographical constraints. An idea can quite literally go from inside your head and onto the screens of millions all over the world within a matter of moments.


    1. Cost

    All of the processes involved with traditional marketing, such as print and distribution management, come at a price. And, although web marketing is by no means free, it is cheaper and provides a much greater return on investment. For example, investing in a PayPerClick advertising strategy will drive traffic to your website, resulting in an increase in sales and/or enquiries.


    So, which method of marketing would you rather use?

    For more information or to find out how we can help you market your business through the wonderful world of web, give us a call on 01325 311 909 or email us at sales@design365.co.uk.

  • Why we use SEO...

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, making your website search engine friendly so it lists higher on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEO can be done in-house but can be very time consuming and there are a lot of considerations, including how the site is built, what keywords are researched and used, and number of back links to name a few. Design365 use SEO to: Promote websites online allowing your target market to find it! We research the most popular keywords so your website can be found when customers search for certain words or phrases. Identify correct titles and descriptions and adding in internal and external links Add products to shopping feeds to increase the number of people viewing the products. For help with search engine optimisation please contact us....

  • are you thriving or surviving?

    New site launched for Sparkle People and Development. They are a coaching, training and development company based in the North East of England, putting the Sparkle into your staff and your business. Design365 have designed a bespoke e-commerce website for Sparkle People and Development to sell their coaching material online. Sparkle people and development's site includes a signup form enabling the company to build up a customer database, send out future event information, links to social media pages and a company blog to send out useful tips, articles and to promote events.

  • site launched for sash hardware...

    Sash Hardware are based in Shildon, County Durham and have been supplying the trade community for over 10 years. Selling quality door and window hardware. Sash Hardware required an e-commerce website with on-going support, allowing them to sell their extensive range of products online throughout the UK. Receiving marketing advice, monthly design updates, search engine optimisation and monthly reports to show how the site is appearing on search engines. Take a look at their extensive range today.

  • 10 marketing tips to remember...

    Marketing tips of the week 1) Loyalty - building loyalty gives your customers a reason to return 2) Competitors - dont be afraid to use techniques used by your competitors 3) Email Signature - use this as a marketing tool, add links to your social media pages, links to your website, add your mission statement or company strap line 4) Testimonials - Adding client testimonials to your site builds confidence 5) Comment - Comment on associated blogs and social media 6) Data capture - Use offline and online techniques to increase your mailing list 7) Stakeholders - build a relationship with local businesses and members of the community 8) PR - Send out press releases when a new product is launched 9) Awards / Accreditations - List any awards or accreditations your company has on marketing literature, this will build confidence to the customer 10) Layout - Keep marketing material clear and easy to understand

  • Getting the most from Social Media...

    Social Media Social Media allows users to interact with others via social websites, commenting on information they find and sharing information. It has changed the way people use the Internet, Social Media is now an important marketing tool for every business. The 10 most popular social media sites are: 


    Blogging Blogs are a popular medium for people to express both opinions and knowledge online. Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, occasionally a small group, and often are themed on a single subject. More and more companies are also writting blogs for their clients and other individuals with similar interests. It allows them to stay up to date with the company, find out about events and special promotions. Blogs allow others to contribute; commenting on others’ blogs can be a good way of:

    Increasing the links to your website
    Increasing your profile on the web
    Finding out other people’s opinions - Market Research
    Sharing information although it is a good idea to have a blog, you do not always need to have your own

    Videos Google has now started to include video results, on search engine result pages, so a well optimised video could land you a good position on Google. Here are 4 different ideas for the use of video on your website: 

    Include a “How to”
    Case studies and testimonials
    Informative video

    Once you have your video you can upload it to video sharing sites including the most popular YouTube. Make sure that your video is high quality a poor video may have a negative impact on your services or products.  

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