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  • Torus Logistical Soltuions - New Responsive Site

    Torus Logistical Solutions is a well-established and successful recruitment agency, their head office is in Stockton on Tees.

    Torus was initially established in 2012 and since then, we have expanded throughout the UK to allow us to support our blue chip client portfolio.”


    We have recently created a fully responsive site for Torus which is sophisticated and very user friendly!

    Check out the full site here > http://www.toruslogisticalsolutions.co.uk/




  • CCN - new responsive site!

    Here’s another example of our work, we’ve recently created a new fully responsive and mobile friendly site for CCN.

    “At CCN IIS we are committed to firstly help our clients win and then deliver on all aspects of project completion from initial CONCEPT through DESIGN and then BUILD followed with leading AFTER CARE support.

    We LISTEN to what our customers say and view our customers as our best source of learning as to how we can improve. We are constantly searching for faster, quicker, more effective and competitive solutions to achieve excellence in our products and in our service to our market.”

    Check out the full site here - http://ccn-uk.com/


    CCN1 CCN2 CCN3
  • Anna Addison Associates - New Responsive Site!

    We’ve re-designed the Anna Addison Associates site and made it fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

    Anna Addison Associates is one of the North East and Yorkshire's longest established and most experienced public relations businesses, launched in 2005, offering media relations, profile raising, copywriting and social media services.

    Check it out and tell us what you think - http://www.annaaddisonassociates.com/


    anna adisson 1 anna adisson 2 anna adisson 3
  • Little Angel Cafe - Responsive Site!

    We have recently launched this beautiful new site for the Little Angel Café. The site is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

    A beautiful little café situated in the heart of Hexham. The Little Angel Café is proud to serve food which is locally sourced, freshly prepared, delicious and good value.

    Beautiful coffees, delicious cakes and pastries, lovely sandwiches, gorgeous pizzas, wonderful gelato, stunning wine and beers. They even stay open late on Friday and Saturday evenings!

    To see their full site, please visit http://www.thelittleangelcafe.com/


    angel cafe1 angel cafe2 angel cafe3
  • The Angel Fish Shop - Responsive Site!

    We've recently re-designed the Angel Fish Shop’s website and made it fully responsive and mobile friendly. We've created a very simplistic, user-friendly site while keeping it sophisticated.

    Situated in the heart of the beautiful village on Corbridge, Northumberland. They are a unique 'chippy' offering great fish and chips along with a selection of Champagne, wines, beers and even real ale. The taste and quality has been greatly received by the locals and we have tables and chairs outside the chippy if you are visiting Corbridge for the day. If you’re passing by, please pop in!

    Check out the full site here http://www.angelfishshop.com/


    angel fish1 angel fish2 angel fish3
  • The Angel of Corbridge - New Responsive Site!

    We have recently launched this stunning new site for the Angel of Corbridge. We decided to make it very image-based and user friendly. The simplistic and sophisticated design has proven very popular.

    The Angel of Corbridge is a Historic Coaching Inn built in 1726 in the beautiful countryside of Northumberland.

    The Angel is a gathering place for all day dining with Northumbrian tradition in our bar, lounge, barn restaurant, private dining room, fish and chip takeaway and bedrooms. It is Northumbrian tradition and hospitality at its best.

    To see the full site, please visit http://www.theangelofcorbridge.com/


    angel 1 angel 2 angel 3
  • 365 Property Buyer - Responsive Site!

    We’ve recently launched this new site for 365 Property Buyer, ensuring that the site is fully responsive, mobile friendly and updated with the latest images and content.

    365 Property Buyer are a family run company, having had 30 years’ experience in the property industry. We pride ourselves on our honesty, family values and upholding the greatest integrity. Many of the sellers we help have been recommended to 365PropertyBuyer, our reputation, professionalism & reliability offer you the security and certainty you need to move on. We NEVER pull out of a sale.

    Check out the full site at http://365propertybuyer.co.uk/

    365buyer1 365buyer2 365buyer3
  • How to choose the right web company

    Last week we received a phone call from a lady looking to transfer her services to us.  Whilst we are delighted to take on new customers a phrase she used set off a few alarm bells and got us thinking.  She said “you will be the 4th web company I have worked with in 3 years”.  So the big question is, has she been really unlucky and chosen the wrong companies, perhaps by not doing the right research or are her expectations and what she is being promised unrealistic?  I will let you know the answer to that later in the blog.

    So, how do you go about choosing the right web company?  Creating a quality website or upgrading your current site, if done correctly, won’t be cheap and this is a good place to start when choosing your web company.

    Know your budget

    We would suggest that you set out a budget of how much you are looking to spend and choose a company that can support this.  If you are a new starter, with limited funds then there are some companies that will do you a website for under £200.  This will give you a presence and may be a good starting point.  After all, with 50% of businesses failing in the first 12 months it makes sense not to stretch yourself too far.  That said, when dealing with the companies that produce this type of site we strongly suggest you read the small print and ensure there are no separation charges.  Also ensure the domain name is registered in your name as again there have been incidences of excessive fees to transfer the domain.

    When considering your budget, remember to factor in some ongoing marketing costs.  Whether this is for Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords, E-Mail campaigns or social media. It’s great to have a really nice website but if no one is seeing it and making enquiries then you will end up with a very nice folly.

    Do your research

    There are many web companies offering the world but sadly, the days of the .com millionaire are long gone, unless of course you come up with the next big App or new social media platform.  We suggest when choosing the company you want to work with, do your research and ask for the following;

    • Do they have any success stories of companies they have transformed and created a significant return on investment?
    • Do they have any testimonials or case studies they can share?
    • Can we contact ‘ANY’ of your clients for feedback? This is a great question as many businesses will point you towards their favoured clients and maybe not those who have posed challenges.

    Get Technical

    There are a lot of companies such as Graphic Designers and IT companies who have bolted web on as a service. Whilst this is not a bad thing we have seen many incidences where open source software such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla has been used to create quick and easy websites. These can look good but if they are not hosted properly or the security is not updated then this leaves the site open to malicious software that can damage your reputation and in some cases get your site taken offline.  Always ensure the person designing your site understands the technical elements so ask them what security measures are in place? And what back up procedures do you have?

    Ask lots of questions

    When I started the business I was always mindful of what would happen to my customers if I got hit by a bus.  But more seriously when working on my own I was the sales guy, marketing chap, project manager, accounts department and PR and it amazed me how I actually got work done.  It occurred to me as I was sat in a meeting that I really wanted it to end quickly because I had another deadline to meet. My point is, it’s always good to know the answers to the ‘what if’ questions, especially when dealing with people who are working on their own.

    Here are some good questions to ask;

    • How do I get in touch out of hours if I have a problem?
    • What support do I have if you get Ill?
    • Who owns the website once completed?
    • Do I get a copy of my website or access to backups?
    • Where are your websites hosted? UK or Abroad?

    Ask for Recommendations

    Of course the best way to get the right company is to ask for recommendations. Business contacts and friends will be able to give you the low down on the right companies to use. They will also tell you their shortfalls which might not be a show stopper but certainly gives you a good insight into the company and ideas for the right questions to ask.  We have built our company on word of mouth recommendations and our aim when creating a site is for you to be so impressed that you refer us on.  This is our best and most effective marketing tool as it provides a win-win situation.

    Now I said I would answer the question about the lady who said we would be the 4th company in 3 years.  Well it turns out we won’t.  She mentioned a few web companies she had previously worked with, they were good companies with strong reputations. Unfortunately, we decided there was only one common denominator and politely declined.

  • Boost SEO With Social Signals!

    Bruce says… Recently at 365 Towers, we have noticed a rise in demand for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. As well as all the clever tricks that our in-house team apply to your website, we have observed that one of the biggest weightings on SEO is in fact the powerful tool of Social Media. Social Media boosts SEO in two different ways:

    • Social Signals
    • Backlinking

    So, if your website’s linked social media channels regularly do both of these SEO-boosting techniques, Google will reward you with a higher search engine rank. Backlinks are pretty self-explanatory – they are links that directly link back to your website from other websites. For example, if you write a tweet promoting one of the services or products and pop in a link to the relevant webpage, anyone who clicks on this link will be backlinked through to your website. This is effective because Google boosts your website’s creditability if it regularly sees a major website linking directly back to it. Social Signals, however, are a bit less talked about. In basic terms, if you want search engines to like your website, you need your social media channels (a.k.a your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile) to give off good social signals. These are essentially the interaction and engagement that you provoke through your various social media networks. For example, on Facebook, if someone likes or shares your post, this is giving off excellent social signals from your page. It demonstrates that users are not only viewing your content but also sharing it with their network and essentially bookmarking it for future reference. In terms of Twitter, social signals can be given off from mentions, retweets and links within these distributed tweets. If your tweets are popular with a large number of high profile users, this bodes extremely well for your profile and the website it is linked to. Various other social media channels can give off various SEO-boosting Social Signals including LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Flickr. However, this is not something you can cheat your way through! Google will analyse the quality of any Social Signals and the channel they’ve derived from and if it appears you’ve simply bought your likes or spammed your way to a good following, they will as a result penalise your search engine ranking. So – what are you waiting for?! Get interacting, liking and sharing and before you know it you’ll be giving off excellent social signals that can effectively boost your search engine rank. If time is in short supply for you and your business, Design365 can offer Social Media Management to increase your social signals, backlinks and general engagement. If this is something you’d be interested in, please either call us on 01325 311 909 or email us at sales@design365.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you :)

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