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Industry News

Here we hope to share news and trends from the internet
  • why is web marketing so effective???

    Web marketing is measurable; • Google Analytics - allows you to find out how many people have viewed your site on a daily basis • Web Counter - Add a web counter on to your site to see how many views the site has had • Google Adwords - Pay as you go advertising for your website on a pay per click basis • Downloadable vouchers - Use a specific code to measure how many times the vouchers have been used For more advice please contact us...

  • what is the importance of seo...

    •To Promote - your site online, so your target market can find it!
    •Highlight keywords - So your site is found on related searches
    •Titles and descriptions - Using the wrong titles and description can have a drastic effect on your sites visability
    •Add internal and external links - Link with your supplies, associated companies and to social media pages
    •Add products to Shopping Feeds - To increase the number of people viewing the products
    For help with your SEO please contact us....
  • Online Marketing Tips...

    January's Top Tips for Marketing your website; *Dont use tiny photos that people cant see - it is important to use a high resolution professional image *Add captions onto images so your customers know what they're looking at *Link to your social media pages *Add testimonials to your site to add confidence about your products/services *Add a video onto your website, this will increase your search engine rankings *Add an enquiry form, include a drop down box to allow the form to identify correct department *Include all awards, creditations and associations to your website - this add confidence *Sponsor a local charity, sports team or community project *Use social media pages to build relationships with other businesses *Loyalty - send out discount codes to your mailing list For more advice, please contact us or sign up to our mailing list to recieve our helpful newsletter...

  • Why is web marketing so effective?

    Web marketing is different to offline marketing as it can be measured.  Google Analytics can be used on your website to track how many customers have used your site. It will also show you which pages people are looking at and how long they spend looking at them. This powerful tool also allows you to see the referring domains and search terms used to find the site. This is a more effective Web Counter. Google AdWords are used as Pay as you go advertising for your website, and you can set a budget for this advertising or pay per click. For more advice about your website please contact us...

  • improve your website visitors in 2012...

    To improve your website visibility and increase the traffic to your site you may want to consider the following; Corporate Media - Include an informative video and link to You-Tube, this will then link back to your website Add promotions onto your social media pages Get your friends / colleagues to 're-tweet' or 'share' your promotions Get relevant websites to link to your site and vice versa, this will improve both companies website traffic  Make sure your site includes the correct search engine optimisation keywords so you can be found when searched for online. If you need any help with your SEO, please contact us...

  • Google alerts...

    Google alerts are emails sent to you when Google finds new results of a choosen search term. You ask Google to notify you if a specific search term is mentioned anywhere on the web, you can also add the URL of a website as the search term. If the search term is repeated online you will recieve email notification informing you if a post, article or link has been added to the site. This can be useful for website owners, to find out who is linking to your website. These results can be web pages, newpaper articles or blogs that match your search term. Use Google Alerts to monitor anything on the web, for example:

    1. Find out what is being said about the company or product
    2. Monitor a developing news story
    3. Keep up to date with a competitor or industry
    4. Get the latest news on a celebrity or sports team
  • Google plus social circles...

    Google plus is the newest social media since Facebook. It has many innovative features that set it apart from the others; it allows you to create multiple virtual social networks. One of Google plus’ first unique features is its amazing capability to sort through your contacts and manage them into circles – separate groups for different connections. This allows you to post photos, messages and add your status which is then only viewable to certain circles. This gives you control over your contacts and allows you to separate your family, friends and business contacts. It allows you to organise everyone into your real-life social connections and control what people see. You can also add links to your page and +1 on websites you like and would like to share with your circle. Certain individuals will overlap and can appear in two or three circles.

  • find out about Google Fresh...

    Google Fresh is the latest change to Google. Google Fresh will concentrate on ‘how fresh’ your site content is, an addition to the usual search engine optimisation (SEO). Updating your site to include industry news, updating your company blog and keeping products up to date is fundamental. Google Fresh will need regular posts to achieve visible results for your site. The constant battle for Google is making sure sites are rich with fresh news and products, sharpening up results. Google Fresh will affect 35% of searches, to improve your ranking follow these tips; 1. Keep blogs, news and information up to date and keep it updated as regularly as possible 2. Add reviews on to your site from your happy customers 3. Keep products up to date, add a new blog about product updates 4. Update deals and special offers, even better if you have a daily deals section

  • Blogging Strategy

    Just about every business book you ever read, any business coach you ever speak to or any other blog regarding strategy there is one message that is always repeated and clearer  than any other  it says "set your goals"; as "a goal not set is rarely met" these might be a clichés but are true wether you are setting out on a personal journey, a business venture, a website design or even in this case a business blog . Lets face it, the reason we create a  business blog is to generate more business.  If this is not the case then you are no longer business blogging but creating a personal blog. A personal blog is great for sharing thoughts, opinions and ideas and providing you are not to contriversial (and maybe this is good too in the right forum) a well written personal blog will increase your reputation and credibility. This in turn might lead to you writing professionally, speaking at events or being the go-to person on a radio station and guess what, if they pay you,  you are now business blogging. So why are we blogging?  Of course we want to share ideas but many of the things we tell our clients are best practices and can be found elsewhere on the net or in a good marketing book.  However, some of the ideas we have are often, 'We never thought of it like that' moments and this is when the blog gets interesting and powerful.   So what is the Goal of our blog?  Increase sales? Of course, but this has to be done subtly and by sharing knowledge which will include:     • Communicating with existing or potential clients     • Relaying company news     • Sharing good design ideas     • Passing on marketing ideas     • Relaying industry news What our blog wont include are any adverts or hard selling. I will blog about blogging mistakes at some point in the future but for the moment we are setting off on our blogging journey we will keep everything nice and positive. Please pop back and enjoy what we have to offer and if you have any thoughts on what you would like us to blog about then drop us a line.

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