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Facebook... Is organic read dead?

Facebook are constantly changing the way they prioritise posts on Facebook, especially for business pages. It’s now harder than ever to get a good reach and following organically.

Unless you have a large advertising budget or you have a dedicated team of social media professionals, paying for likes on Facebook can be pretty tough.

There are other reasons to be active on Facebook, even if you’re not getting the following you’d hope for. Brand awareness is one of the main reasons businesses use social media. When used correctly, it can be a great free tool to spread the word about your services/products. Facebook also has a large hold over search engines. If you’re constantly active on social media and promoting relevant, share-worthy posts, search engines such as Google will pick up on this, in turn helping to improve your search engine ranking.

Followers and post reach work hand in hand. The more followers you have on Facebook, the more likely you are to receive a better organic post reach. Due to another recent update from Facebook, there is only a very small percentage (under 3%) of your followers that will actually see your posts so it’s a bit of common sense really, the more people who like your page and interact with it, the more likely your posts will be seen.


Now, here comes the interesting part, for all of the small businesses who perhaps don’t have the budget for expensive Facebook ads or designated social media managers, I want to share a little secret with you!

There is a way you can increase your Facebook following without paying a penny!

Facebook has a hidden invite button, which they obviously don’t promote as, like any other business, they want to increase their profits. Now, this button isn’t available to all accounts, it’s something that Facebook is testing.

If you simply find a post that you’ve shared which has some engagement (i.e. people have liked/commented on the post) and click on the people who have engaged, you’ll see an ‘invite/liked/invited’ option. If any of the names have a ‘invite’ option next to them, this means that they have liked/commented on your Facebook post but don’t currently ‘like’ your Facebook page. If you simply click ‘invite’ then that person will receive a notification inviting them to like your page.


Before you get ahead of yourself, there does seem to be a limit on the number of invites you can send per day, which seems to be around 500-1000 (Facebook will notify you once you’ve reached that limit).


After testing this feature, we have seen an acceptance rate between 15-20%!

The best thing about it, they’re very likely to accept as they have already shown interest in your page, therefore making them organic, true, relevant followers.


Go ahead, try this feature and please let us know your results!


Graph from https://propakistani.pk/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/organic-reach.jpg 

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