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  • social media for business...

    Tips when using Facebook for your business;

    • Photos generate the highest interaction rate as they are visual
    • Post onto your Facebook during off peak hours (2pm - 5am) these posts will recieve the highest interaction rates
    • Ask for 'Likes,' or 'Comments,' these calls for action show a boost in interaction rates on your page
    • Add posts daily on your site
    • Obtain a Facebook vanity URL so people can find you easily eg.http://www.facebook.com/design365
    • Add your Facebook URL to printed literature to increase your friends

    If you need any more advice please contact us...

  • Google alerts...

    Google alerts are emails sent to you when Google finds new results of a choosen search term. You ask Google to notify you if a specific search term is mentioned anywhere on the web, you can also add the URL of a website as the search term. If the search term is repeated online you will recieve email notification informing you if a post, article or link has been added to the site. This can be useful for website owners, to find out who is linking to your website.

    These results can be web pages, newpaper articles or blogs that match your search term.

    Use Google Alerts to monitor anything on the web, for example:

    1. Find out what is being said about the company or product
    2. Monitor a developing news story
    3. Keep up to date with a competitor or industry
    4. Get the latest news on a celebrity or sports team
  • Design365 sponsors Take a day out

    Take a day out is a new charity aiming to provide short break experiences for carers and their families in County Durham and the Tees Valley. Nathan Money and Peter Sheen are the co-founders of the charity which was registered in late September 2011.

    Take a day out have relationships with other local people, groups, businesses and charities to offer services and support to parents and carers in the North East.

    They came to see us at Design365 for a website consultation, they had a current website, but felt it needed updating. They wanted a site which was easy to use and would promote the charity and also sit along side their current branding. The new website includes photos, events, newsletter sign up facility and links to their current social media pages.

    After hearing about the good work the charity does in our local community, we decided to donate their website free of charge to help support the charity. As they are a non profit organisation they rely on volunteers and support where they can. View their new site, Take a day out.

    “I was really pleased to help take a day out with a free website; we hope the impact the website creates will generate significant funds to help carers take some well-deserved respite.” Alan Foster, Director of Design365.

    “Design365 is a growing company that we love working with because they are interested in the people whose projects they work on. Alan and his team really want to help us and we hope we can help them too by promoting their company to others.” Nathan Money, Take a day out.

  • Google plus social circles...

    Google plus is the newest social media since Facebook. It has many innovative features that set it apart from the others; it allows you to create multiple virtual social networks. One of Google plus’ first unique features is its amazing capability to sort through your contacts and manage them into circles – separate groups for different connections.

    This allows you to post photos, messages and add your status which is then only viewable to certain circles. This gives you control over your contacts and allows you to separate your family, friends and business contacts. It allows you to organise everyone into your real-life social connections and control what people see. You can also add links to your page and +1 on websites you like and would like to share with your circle. Certain individuals will overlap and can appear in two or three circles.

  • find out about Google Fresh...

    Google Fresh is the latest change to Google. Google Fresh will concentrate on ‘how fresh’ your site content is, an addition to the usual search engine optimisation (SEO). Updating your site to include industry news, updating your company blog and keeping products up to date is fundamental. Google Fresh will need regular posts to achieve visible results for your site. The constant battle for Google is making sure sites are rich with fresh news and products, sharpening up results.

    Google Fresh will affect 35% of searches, to improve your ranking follow these tips;
    1. Keep blogs, news and information up to date and keep it updated as regularly as possible
    2. Add reviews on to your site from your happy customers
    3. Keep products up to date, add a new blog about product updates
    4. Update deals and special offers, even better if you have a daily deals section

  • let us manage your site!

    Take the pressure off managing your own website and let us take over.
    You will receive the following as part of your subscription with us,

    4 hours of Search Engine Optimisation per month
    A monthly newsletter to the client database
    A monthly submissions to the shopping sites
    Monthly consultation and advice on trends
    Help with off line marketing ideas to help drive traffic to the website

    Contact us for more details...

  • Design365 sponsor local charity - take a day out!

    Design365 are proud to be sponsoring a local charity!
    We are currently working on a new website for Take a Day Out to promote the great work they do and to increase awareness of the charity!!

    Take a look at their current site to see what they do, Take a Day Out!

  • The Knitting Gift Shop

    How do you make the perfect present? The Knitting Giftshop will show you how.

    The Knitting Gift Shop provides all the equiptment needed to make the perfect present this Christmas, what are you waiting for?

  • Free Website Consultations from Design365

    If your answer to this question is NO then why not come and receive a ‘FREE CONSULTATION,’ from Design365?

    We are solely a web company and do all our design, development and search engine optimising in-house. We have a proven track record and have measurable success with one client now turning over 1.5 million. 

    Contact us for more information….

  • Why Not Pay as You Go?

    In response to business funding drying we have come up with a ‘Pay As You Go,’ all inclusive, fully managed online shop (e-commerce site).

    It is estimated that 6.4 billion will be spent online this Christmas, as buying and selling online becomes more popular. Online retailers have increased, with more and more people enjoying the ease of shopping online. Saving the customer time, and with many retailers offering next day delivery – Online shopping is now seen as the convenient way to shop!

    We have come up with an affordable way for retailers to take advantage of the opportunities available by selling online, a ‘Pay As You Go,’ website package. A website designed for you that is an all-inclusive fully managed online shop with affordable weekly payments and on-going marketing support. Receiving monthly design updates to keep the site up to date, managed newsletters, social networking, search engine optimisation and on-going marketing support used by successful online retailers. All the retailer has to do is manage the stock and wait for the orders to come in!

    Traditionally web companies would take a large sum of money upfront to design a website and would include no online marketing. Our 'Pay As You Go package,' includes continuous marketing and on-going expert advice to ensure your website generates sales.
    For more information please contact us…

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