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  • Two of our clients are award winning!!

    Star Radio’s Business Awards, which support businesses across County Durham, were held last week. The awards help to raise local business profiles and enhance their reputations by promoting the great work they are doing.

    Follow the link below to see all the winners; http://www.thisisstar.co.uk/community/businessawards.php

    We would like to congratulate Helen & Stephen of Farm Fresh Direct, who won the ‘Best use of Technology Award,’

    “Following up on our success at the Star Radio Business Awards in the 'Best use of Technology' category, we just like to say 'thanks a million' to the team at Design 365 for their work in delivering the vision and making the whole thing possible. You should be really proud of yourselves!” Farm Fresh Direct 08/11/11

    We would also like to congratulate Revolution Power for their ‘Business of the Year award.’ They have been assessed on how innovative their business has been within its field and how the business has grown in the last 12 months.

  • Blogging Strategy

    Just about every business book you ever read, any business coach you ever speak to or any other blog regarding strategy there is one message that is always repeated and clearer  than any other  it says "set your goals"; as "a goal not set is rarely met" these might be a clichés but are true wether you are setting out on a personal journey, a business venture, a website design or even in this case a business blog .

    Lets face it, the reason we create a  business blog is to generate more business.  If this is not the case then you are no longer business blogging but creating a personal blog. A personal blog is great for sharing thoughts, opinions and ideas and providing you are not to contriversial (and maybe this is good too in the right forum) a well written personal blog will increase your reputation and credibility. This in turn might lead to you writing professionally, speaking at events or being the go-to person on a radio station and guess what, if they pay you,  you are now business blogging.

    So why are we blogging?  Of course we want to share ideas but many of the things we tell our clients are best practices and can be found elsewhere on the net or in a good marketing book.  However, some of the ideas we have are often, 'We never thought of it like that' moments and this is when the blog gets interesting and powerful.  

    So what is the Goal of our blog?  Increase sales? Of course, but this has to be done subtly and by sharing knowledge which will include:

        • Communicating with existing or potential clients
        • Relaying company news
        • Sharing good design ideas
        • Passing on marketing ideas  
      • Relaying industry news

    What our blog wont include are any adverts or hard selling. I will blog about blogging mistakes at some point in the future but for the moment we are setting off on our blogging journey we will keep everything nice and positive.

    Please pop back and enjoy what we have to offer and if you have any thoughts on what you would like us to blog about then drop us a line.

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